Florida's Funniest Comedian 2013
It is time that the great state of Florida is recognized as the birthing ground of comedic geniuses that it is ... Bert Kriescher, Daniel Tosh, Wayne Brady, Dan Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy), Carrot Top, Dane Cook, Ralphie May, Mitch Hedberg, Tom Rhodes, Brian Regan. Hell, Florida is so great it has it’s own tag on www.fark.com

The winners of each round will be chosen by Industry "experts", no seriously. The Finals are being judged by the biggest names in South Florida Comedy. These are the men and women who book comedians day in and day out for the Venues they represent.
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1st Place
A 12 week Florida Club tour from all participating locations. That's 3 months of work! A guest spot in LA to showcase for industry, flight and hotel, all paid!!
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2nd Place
Gets you a one week engagement at the club of your choice.
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3rd Place
A cool ribbon made of Lycra.
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College Prize
Rene' Harte will choose a select few to compete for a chance to showcase at NACA . The winners of the competition will be professionally videotaped and submitted to NACA and all that are chosen by NACA will have all expenses paid. Good Luck to all!!!
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Rising Star
The judges will be choosing, strictly from the video submissions that were not chosen to compete, three comics to be named Florida's Funniest's Next Rising Stars. Each winner will receive private emcee training from the Improv as well as one paid emcee spot. Submit your best 5 minutes.

Registration & Submission Information:
Video clips should be between 4-10 minutes long, start from the beginning of a set, and not be a "best of" clip reel.
Not everyone who submits gets chosen. Submissions are non-refundable. Even if you are not chosen to perform you are still eligible for the “Rising Star” prize.
In the video submission field, do not use the embed code - use the video's URL or link
Early submission deadline ($25) is 8/24/13 . Submission deadline ($35) 9/9/13. Selections will be announced on or before 9/20/13.
Please make sure you choose the city closest to you. We accept ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS in addition to PayPal.

Fort Lauderdale: Oct 16 & 17
Jacksonville: Oct 2
Key West: Oct 19
Marco Island: Oct 30
Miami: Oct 8
Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity . REGISTER TODAY!
Orlando: Oct 9
Post St. Lucie: Oct 5
Sarasota: Oct 24
Tampa: Oct 23
Tallahassee: Oct 23
West Palm Beach: Oct 13
If you have any questions about this submission please send us an email.
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Questions? Contact us.
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Maps to the competition cities/venues
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